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  2. Highscores have been finally added! Compete with friends and enjoy.
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  4. Here is a list of updates. Will be applied on next server update. -No more duplicate names in Clan Chat. -You can now leave a Clan Chat using the 'Leave Clan' button. -Added "Enter X amount" for bones on prayer altar so you don't have to use a bone on the altar one by one. -Trees now give more logs per time length. -Time action system added for more accurate precision. -Patched the bug where you can spam click on a fletching button and it will give you mass amounts of Xp. -"Fletch X amount" now works for all fletching types. -Can now make more than 1 arrow shaft at a time. Found a bug? Click Here Have a suggestion? Click Here
  5. Welcome to the team, you're just what we needed.
  6. Hi everyone my name is Brandon I am 21 years old and I am a Server Developer for Insanitypk! I have been a server developer in the private server community for 6 years and I am now majoring in Computer Science for my profession. My goal is to work with the whole InsanityPk team to help bring you all fun, creative content that you will enjoy playing! If you have any suggestions or bugs Click Here and if you see anything that is super high priority and can effect the whole server in a negative way feel free to private message me or any of the staff so we can fix it quickly. I am excited to get to know all of you and hope to see you all online! -Java is life
  7. -prevent action proccessing if walked away without reaching object -X-log fix -fixed corrupt dragon -fixed up shops -walking fixed -vote added -donate added -mysql integration -barrows -turtle exp fishing raise -lowered skilling tasks reward -home revamped shops -pk tabs in bank -pk server more like -skilling tasks less reward -money is more valuable -pking bugs fixed -::master added
  8. Nice! Glad to see a community forming.
  10. I meant to lean on to "always" hide roofs. Just makes it easier for entering buildings for me. Runescape 3 and Old School RuneScape both have these options, which increase my frame rate, and makes it easier, as I said, to enter buildings. As you see in the gif I have made, where I stall my mouse is when I try to click. Makes it hard to enter buildings.
  11. All the roofs already dissapear when i enter buildings. can you post a screen shot of the bank from your comp?
  12. I like the suggestion and it would be a nice implement. I uses player owned shops on a precious server and loved it.
  13. Welcome to the server cry. If anything is needed please pm me.
  14. Great to have a new member in our community, welcome! I hope to see you active ingame and on forums. If you need anything feel free to pm me.
  16. Hide roofs would be very helpful for me. When walking into home bank, I have to click on the very outer edge of that door and you know how painful that is? :3 I love you Joe, and Cry.
  17. Now, I recommend player owned shops because as obvious as it is. Its very helpful when trying sell stuff, rather than spamming the fuck out of the chat box to sell one items. They're some servers out there who have them, and i have used them before. which Is why I recommend it to this server. Hopefully this gets added in soon
  18. I like Runescape. My character in-game may be female, but I am not. Female pixels just look good, and you know it. 15, have a deep voice so if I sound 30 I'm sorry :3 Anime and Metal-core along with Runescape is my thing. Add my in-game acc: Twix. Going to be fun getting to know all of you! (:
  19. Not gonna lie, I am one sick minded fuck. Goals: max, gt gud, fuck bitches get money. Im good at: everything. I suck at: nothing fam im og. got a problem we can fight. nah lets not do that, but yo im dank as shit fam
  20. dope idea ill add that in too but probably like 2m for it btw next time you are on shoot me a pm
  21. I love the idea Something you should add would be Suggestions (5m) For every successfully added suggestion that is added in-game or on forums.
  22. For some odd reason i cant edit the topic but also added into Incentives Introduction posts (2m coins) *Everyone would love to get to know you!*
  23. Hello all, Sir Vince here! Since the forums were released the other day there hasn't really been to much activity on them. This is the first page a new player sees when coming to our site so we need to bring some life here! I will be starting an incentive campaign with rewards being cold hard in game cash to get the forums more active! Some ways you can get paid are the following. Incentives Server video (Mystery box!and 10m coins) *must be legitimate video promoting or showcasing some highpoints of the server, production value reflects the server* Informative Guide (5m coins) *Guide which is well produced and it is a useful source of information for a new player looking to learn* DOPE LOOT PICZ (500k) *Really just pictures from the server in general, showcase how awesome you are* Comment replies (100k) Literally commenting on this post will get you 100k *Please try to keep comments semi constructive, one word answers are good on some occasions but we would all like to hear what you have to say a little more then "NICE" If you can think of any other good incentives we can add to forums just let me know we can definitely make it happen! *I will do my best to keep track of everyone but please remind me if i happen to miss your post or anything of that nature!* This is not sponsored by Ares or Salty all money and items have been obtained legitimately within game! Lets make forums great again! -Sir Vince
  24. Hello everyone, I am chronic or my real name is Travis. I have been playing Insanity since 2nd or 3rd day of release. I am a very experienced player when it comes to rsps i have been playing them for around 6 years now. I am a big forums addict and also know website developing. I am very helpful and friendly so dont be shy to ask for help or even strike up a conversation if you see me. Thank you guys for reading my small intro. -Chronic-
  25. welcome to our community. Always nice to have another active player in-game. Pm me here or in-game if you need any help.
  26. Thanks for updates Ares.
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