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  1. Nice! Glad to see a community forming.
  2. I meant to lean on to "always" hide roofs. Just makes it easier for entering buildings for me. Runescape 3 and Old School RuneScape both have these options, which increase my frame rate, and makes it easier, as I said, to enter buildings. As you see in the gif I have made, where I stall my mouse is when I try to click. Makes it hard to enter buildings.
  4. Hide roofs would be very helpful for me. When walking into home bank, I have to click on the very outer edge of that door and you know how painful that is? :3 I love you Joe, and Cry.
  5. I like Runescape. My character in-game may be female, but I am not. Female pixels just look good, and you know it. 15, have a deep voice so if I sound 30 I'm sorry :3 Anime and Metal-core along with Runescape is my thing. Add my in-game acc: Twix. Going to be fun getting to know all of you! (: